Computer Repair - FREE ESTIMATES

Desktops - hardware and software diagnostic and repair.  As well as cleaning (dust bunny extermination).

Laptops - we can repair/replace screens, keyboards, batteries, chargers, charging jacks, wireless cards, and more.

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Technical Support

Password recovery

Data Backup

Data Recovery

Virus and Malware removal and clean-up of temp files, start-up, registry, event-log, cookies, and more.

Virtual Reality

Come try VR in-store for free.

VR Sales, Setup, and Support

NEW VR Ready Desktop for as low as $670


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Computer Sales - Custom Builds - Upgrades

New and Used Laptops

New and Used Desktops

High end custom gaming machines

Virtual Reality and VR ready computers and setup

Budget gaming machines


Since 1993

Who we are

We are a 3 man show, but you will likely just be dealing with the father-son team who man the store-front.  We are often complimented by our customers for being friendly and patient.  There is a stereotype in IT of anti-social condescendance.  We are not here to make you feel stupid.  We are here to help you understand.  Dave Ramsey talks about seeking out experts who have the heart of a teacher.  We strive to embody that.


Tech Stan troubleshooting an all-in-one PC
Tech Stan troubleshooting an all-in-one PC


We have a big sign that says "FREE ESTIMATES" in the window.  That means something.  We don't have an up-front diagnostics fee.  Come by, ask questions, get to know us.