Computer Repair - FREE ESTIMATES


Unlike a mechanic, who charges a fee to give you a diagnosis and waves that fee if you get work done, most of our diagnoses can be done without any fee involved.  Diagnosing some issues requires more work (e.g. disassembly of a laptop), but we would discuss an associated disassembly fee in advanced.

We also prefer not to charge you more for a repair than your computer is worth.  Some customers prefer to keep an older machine alive, and that's fine.  But we won't surprise you with a large bill leaving you wondering 'Would I have been better off buying a new one?'

Our repair services include:

  • Virus and Malware removal
  • dust bunny extermination (generally a free service provided when doing anything else with your desktop computer)
  • Troubleshooting software issues and error messages
  • Diagnosing and repairing hardware problems

On laptops we can repair/replace:

  • screens
  • keyboards
  • batteries
  • chargers
  • charging jacks
  • wireless cards
  • and more.

Data Recovery

We can also upgrade your existing computer including:

  • Video Cards
  • CPUs
  • HDD (hard disk drive) to a larger HDD
  • or an HDD to a faster SSD (Solid State Drive)
  • Memory (RAM)

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